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At the request of several residents at the annual meeting and via email, Stonecreek HOA has created at Facebook page.  Please feel free to head over and have a look.  Residents are encouraged to use the page for discussions as well as to look for regular updates on association events such as Board Meetings or major projects. 

Thank you!

Flying Pests -

Bees and Mosquitoes were at higher than average levels last year due to a wet winter.  This year the rain has largely held off so it should not be as bad.  That said residents are still encouraged to contact BPS regarding any hives spotted around the common areas.

Additionally residents are encouraged to keep an eye out for green pools in the community.  Stonecreek is one of few communities in AZ that proactively attacks mosquitoes while they are in the larval state using regular treatments of larvicide in areas prone to mosquito development.  That said we cannot cover all individually owned pools so if you see a problem please report it ASAP!

Reminder, the pool is closed between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.  Should anyone be inside the pool fence during this time period they are considered to be trespassing and Gilbert police do have the power to make arrests.

Should you see any damaged property, graffiti, etc. please contact BPS so that everything can be restored back to normal.

Thank you.


What's New? -4/5/16

Pool Opening Date Set!

Stonecreek Board Meeting 4-20-16

Stonecreek Board Meeting 3-23-16

2016 Budget Uploaded

October Board Meeting Minutes Uploaded

Pool Status

The Pool is scheduled to be opening for the summer on Friday April 29th.

Much needed mprovements have been made to the pool bathrooms and shower.  We are excited for everyone to get in there and check them out!

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Please send any questions to the webmaster via email by clicking here.

Suggestions to improve the website?

Do you think you have a way of improving the functionality and usefulness of the Stonecreek HOA website?  Send a suggestion to and you just may see it happen!

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